Bin Store Cleaning

Bin Store Cleaning
by Taylor Rees
Commercial bin stores are commonplace within most places of work. Without regular attention, these areas can become dirty and produce strong odours – which may become off-putting to staff, customers and the general public. We offer a robust bin store deep cleaning service to improve the hygiene levels and appearance of your refuse areas.

Why use the service

Commercial bin stores can quickly become dirty and unhygienic, leading to strong odours and the opportunity for pest infestations to become well established. Bin stores or refuse rooms will often have multiple wheelie bins, which if left unattended, can also become a source of harmful bacteria.

Deep cleaning your bin store can provide an instant impact to the appearance of your premises, and ensure that foul odours are minimised as the result of aging waste. CSA can offer an efficient and cost effective cleaning service for bin store and refuse areas, with the additional option of a disinfectant application to the area.

Benefits of cleaning your bin store

Improved Hygiene Standards

Improved Appearance

 Remove Unpleasant Odours

 Reduce Pest Infestations

Ancillary services

As a multi-service agency, CSA is also able to offer a number of ancillary services which might be of interest when searching for reliable suppliers. Our service offering has been developed to provide our clients with a complete suite of services.