Returning to Work Safely

Returning to work will be the next challenge faced by the UK, as we begin the phased return to work across business and industry. For many, the last two months have been a time of increased uncertainty, with business closures, building shutdowns and staff furlough schemes being introduced. So the next question faced by many businesses and employers is, how can I ensure a safe return to work for my staff, contractors and customers?

We have comprised a comprehensive suite of services to support your safe return to work.

Business Continuity Briefing

Given the challenging times that we have all been faced with, we have taken time to prepare our Business Continuity Briefing. This document is intended to provide high-level guidance relating to the steps, processes and measures that CSA Service Group and its subsidiaries have and are taking in-light of the COVID-19 outbreak across the UK and the wider global community.

Contact Support Team

For more information on how we can support your safe return to work, please contact us.