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CSA is a multiservice agency offering recruitment, security and hygiene services to a variety of industry sectors across the UK. Over our long service history, we have diversified thoughtfully to offer services that are integral to our client’s daily operations.

We build value in long-lasting relationships with our client’s. It is through these relationships that we have built a trusted and recognised brand; behind which exist real people who care for the daily operations of our customers businesses.

This emphasis on relationship exists due to the strong family roots upon which our business has been built. With three generations of family working throughout the business, and a multitude of families having been a part of our own daily operations from day one, we believe in our values.

Consistent and sustained growth

Having worked across many sectors, alongside a well-established list of clients, our experiences are varied. We find this to be valuable in-house, as well as in-the-field, as we can offer our expertise where it counts. Because of this, our expertise has been built on our experience.

Over the years, we have expanded our business nationally; working with clients right across the UK. While we are based in Wales, we travel cross-country to satisfy our client’s requirements. These services may be for recruitment, security, cleaning or our specialist hygiene division; although customers often opt for a mixture of services for complete reliability.

Through our modular business structure, clients can build solutions that offer flexibility and suitability. Services are provided on a modular basis but can also be offered as one integrated package. Our service-specific account structure, split by customer requirements, ensures optimum performance and a uniformly high standard of quality.

Helping over 25,000 colleagues into work across the UK

Our business model focuses on long-term client relationships; always focused on the needs of our customers. That’s why our growth has been sustained and consistent. We strive for stability, as this is not only what our clients expect, but it is what they require.

By delivering consistency, we also build lasting relationships with our large and committed workforce. As a diverse organisation, working across ever-evolving sectors, we have welcomed colleagues from all sections of the globe. In recent years we have focused heavily on Eastern Europe to expand our ever-growing workforce.

During our time, we have helped over 25,000 colleagues into work across the United Kingdom. These positions have been across the food processing, manufacturing, security, cleaning, construction and automotive sectors; with hundreds of candidates placed into work every day.