CSA Recruitment – Staffing for the Mechanical Sector

CSA Recruitment – Staffing for the Mechanical Sector
Republished from: 22 January 2014

CSA Recruitment – Staffing for the Mechanical Sector

CSA Recruitment is one of the largest local suppliers of temporary and contract operatives to a number of successful Mechanical Operations. With our years of experience, we are able to supply staff to meet your individual requirements, whatever staff you require, CSA Recruitment is ready to assist you.

Here at CSA we have the skill and experience to source and recruit staff to meet the strictest possible standard, we always endeavour to recruit individuals/teams with existing experience within your particular industry. This ensures that all staff supplied to you have a clear understanding of the demands and pressures of your sector.

Here at CSA we believe that the recruitment process should always carry the minimum impact to our clients, this is why our On-site Teams are provided with the necessary time and training to focus on meeting your every business need. We at CSA will always source, screen & select potential candidates, it is only when this process is complete that we will then provide our recruitment results to the On-site Team, through this method we ensure that our existing staff are able to focus on meeting your daily needs with as little distraction as possible.

To see how CSA Recruitment can help your organisation with staffing solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

James Owen is part of the marketing team for CSA Service Group, a leading provider of recruitment and facilities services.

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