How to succeed in an interview

How to succeed in an interview
by James Owen

Best practices to do well in your next interview

You’ve probably come out of an interview thinking “What could I have done better?”. We’ve all been there and we want to help you get that next job you’re looking for. Follow some of these steps and you’ll be at your best for your interview. So, here are some short tips on how to succeed in your interview.

Body language

You should be confident from the moment you meet the receptionist to the moment you leave the building. Body language is massive when it comes to first impressions. So, make sure that you maintain eye contact a smile and a firm handshake to start confidently. Failure to do this may give you an uphill battle.

Wear Suitable Attire

You want to dress appropriately for your interview. Not all jobs require you to wear suits, so be mindful. Make sure you know what to wear and that you’re well groomed. The best practice is to contact the company and ask about dress codes if you’re really uncertain. You don’t want to wear a suit when the job role requires you to wear a polo shirt with jeans. You’re going to look out of place.

Don’t be too friendly

You are there to showcase your skills and abilities. Not to make friends. So it’s important that you don’t come across in that way. Do not ask any personal questions. You need to be on the same level as the interviewer(s), that’s not to say don’t be energetic & enthusiastic.


During the interview, you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn new facts or information about the company or the job role. Take advantage of this and listen. Anything you pick up on can be used in your questioning. You don’t want to be caught out when you weren’t listening. That’s embarrassing.

Don’t talk too much

Less is more. You could do yourself a lot of damage by talking too much. You could ramble on about something that may well talk yourself out of a job. Keep on the same page as the interviewer and don’t go away from that. Stick to things that are only related to the job in question.

Use of appropriate language

Throughout the whole interview, only use professional language. Be aware of the space you’re in and the people around you. Do not use inappropriate language. Stay away from cracking jokes too especially controversial topics. Stay far away from that. Be kind and speak to the interview as you’d like to be spoken to.

Don’t be too confident

Of course, you want to sell yourself, overselling yourself can do you harm. There’s a balance between being confident and humble. You want your attitude to be positive and authentic.

Think before you speak

Take care in the answer you’re about to give to a question. On the other hand, you don’t want to hesitate either. Each answer gives you an opportunity to prove your ability and show evidence of your skills. Take every chance with both hands and relate your answers with evidence.

Ask questions

It really shows an interest in the role when you want to ask questions. When a candidate says “No.” to asking questions, you’re missing out on an opportunity to find clarity. There might be something you didn’t understand or something you want to know more about. It shows that you really want the role if you’re asking questions.

Don’t be desperate

Whatever you do, don’t end the interview a plea to hire you. This can come across less confident and that you’re not really fit for the role. Always be confident and calm at all time and this will help you. Any signs of desperation will go against you.

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James Owen is part of the marketing team for CSA Service Group, a leading provider of recruitment and facilities services.

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