Free Cover Letter Template

Free Cover Letter Template
by James Owen

Your guide to creating a great cover letter

What is a cover letter? Cover letters add a personal touch to your application. The truth is, the people who are hiring employees see thousands of CVs. If you want to be a candidate that stands out from the rest, then writing a great cover letter is going to help get your application in front of the employer’s desk.

Opening Paragraph

For every cover letter you write, it should be specific to the job and to the business you’re writing too. It needs to be direct and brief. Simply explain what job you’re applying for and how you came across the job advert i.e. CSA Service Group Jobs, Total Jobs etc. If it was someone who referred you, just mention their name in the letter.

Second Paragraph

Now you need to link your experience, qualifications & skills to the role advertised. Explain how you’d fit the job description by using the skills appropriate for the role. Mention any academic qualifications you may have or anything that’s essential to the role like a pin number or industry licence.

Closing Paragraph

The main goal of your closing paragraph is to thank them for their consideration. It’s worth writing that you’re hoping to see them soon to discuss your application.

Free Template Download

We’ve included a template below for you to use for future job applications. We’d recommend that you read the template carefully and amended wording or paragraphs to suit the application. Every job application is different and there isn’t a template to fit every job role. Just consider this when creating your own cover letter.

Add any additional paragraphs to the letter if needed. But stick to the opening and closing paragraphs and do not exceed one page.

Click here for your Free Cover Letter Template. Hopefully, this helps you succeed in your future career aspirations. The best of luck!

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James Owen is part of the marketing team for CSA Service Group, a leading provider of recruitment and facilities services.

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