Free CV template

Free CV template
by James Owen

Your guide to an excellent Free CV Template

CV’s are really important for succeeding in job applications. There are a variety of templates to choose from, and over the last few years, they have drastically changed in format and design. Some employers have even gone as far as not requiring a paper CV, but to present themselves over a video.

While the industry still changes, the good old paper CV is still the largest and most popular way of presenting your personality and employment history.

Employers will see thousands of CV’s so it’s important to have a good template that is legible, clean & doesn’t distract from the content. You could have a very well written CV, but with poor formatting, nobody is going to read it.

Work Experience

Is your current CV up to date? If not, then you need to include all your recent work history. We’d say it’s best to include all your work history, but if you’re young or inexperienced, a good rule of thumb is to include the last 5 years of employment.

What do you need?

We suggest you print off your current CV and read it to check it’s up to date. We have a simple template you can follow and amend with your own content. Once you’ve completed that, it’s now time to download your template.

Download Template

For candidates looking for help or guidance, we have free resources for you on our Advice Centre page. To find your next career opportunity, visit CSA Jobs.

James Owen is part of the marketing team for CSA Service Group, a leading provider of recruitment and facilities services.

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