CSA Service Group launch new brand identity to unify core suite of outsourced services

CSA Service Group launch new brand identity to unify core suite of outsourced services
18 February 2019

Some exciting news to share

As part of a planned rebrand for 2019, CSA Service Group (CSA) are today introducing a new set of logos across their core suite of brands to present a more unified brand image to clients, candidates and employees. This rebrand exists as part of a larger overall strategy to realign CSA’s business services; offering greater clarity surrounding those services that are currently being offered to industry.

Over the years, CSA’s brands have grown independently; taking on their own set of clients and developing as strong entities within their own right. This has been highly beneficial to the group, as it has allowed lasting relationships to develop between clients and the teams who operate within the relevant arms of each business.

CSA are now in a position to highlight the Services that the larger group can offer to its clients; as well as the wider industry. It is because of this that the decision to unify core services over the course of 2019 has been made, bringing each business unit under one shared brand name – CSA.

What this means for services

As CSA move forward with their plans for the group, there will be a continued focus on improving and strengthening its current service offerings; ensuring that the same level of quality that CSA have become known for remains throughout. By unifying services, it is hoped that there will be an improvement in customer service for clients, as well as an improved candidate experience. This will be achieved by pooling resources and emphasising the clear brand message to every team member operating on behalf of CSA.

It also means that CSA will be able to offer its clients new, innovative approaches to outsourcing their business functions; whether that lies within Recruitment, Security, Cleaning, Specialist Hygiene or an alternative service approach. It is hoped that by making it clear to clients what the group can offer, CSA can build upon what are already strong client relationships.

What you can expect to see

Over the coming months, you can expect to see a variety of small changes to the daily interaction with the current CSA brands: CSA Recruitment, Securicall Guarding, CSA Hygiene and Securiview. First, CSA will be introducing a new set of logos across all digital platforms; including but not limited to company Websites, Social Media Accounts and Email Signatures. Then, CSA will begin the process of updating company Documents, Literature and the fleet of company Branded Vehicles. In addition to this, any personnel who are currently uniformed will see the introduction of new uniform towards the middle of 2019.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the introduction of the new group website: csa.uk.com, which will also be introduced as the primary email address across all company email addresses over time. This change will take place towards the end of the first quarter of 2019, however existing company email addresses will continue to receive emails for at least the next 12 months.

That’s all there is to share, for now

As CSA continue to evolve their business, in the way it looks and how it functions, it will continue to provide regular updates through the news section of its updated website. Over the coming months, CSA hope to see a variety of new content added to csa.uk.com/news to continue its brand narrative.


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Notes to editors

About CSA Service Group

Established in 1992, CSA Service Group is a leading provider of Recruitment, Security, Cleaning and Specialist Hygiene services to a variety of industry sectors across the UK. Throughout their established service history, CSA have diversified thoughtfully to offer services that are integral to client’s daily operations. CSA build value in long-lasting relationships with client’s; and it is through these relationships that it has built a trusted and recognised brand behind which exist real people who care for the daily operations of the customers’ business.




About the author: Taylor Rees is the Commercial Manager for CSA Service Group.