Out of Hours Cleaning

Out of Hours Cleaning
When the world wakes up, our teams are already hard at work. We provide a variety of out-of-hours cleaning services, with availability 24-7-365 if your schedule requires it.

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Why clean out of hours?

We understand that not all businesses are the same – some workplace environments simply cannot accommodate daytime cleaning schedules. That’s why we deliver out of hours cleaning services that ensure your premises are maintained regardless of your operating hours.

Our out of hours cleaning service is not just limited to office cleaning either. As a multi-service provider, our staff regularly work overnight to complete planned hygiene schedules within the food processing, catering and hospitality sectors. We are GLA licensed and are able to provide many years of industry expertise.

What services are covered?

A variety of our cleaning services can be provided out of normal working hours. We have listed a selection of these services below, however for full details on what services are available during the hours that you require please contact us to speak to an advisor.