Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment
Sourcing a temporary workforce takes time and resource away from your business operation. We react to your temporary workforce requirements to find, recruit and manage your temporary staff.

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Compliance, delivery and consistency

With over 25 years of experience within the temporary recruitment sector, we have developed lasting partnerships with an established list of clients on both a local and national level. Through these relationships, we have demonstrated our commitment to service delivery; offering a range of support services that are complementary to our temporary workforce.

Compliance, delivery and consistency are three of the core values that we aim to achieve when developing a temporary staffing solution for our customers. Having worked alongside a number of multinational PLCs, we understand the procedures and compliance levels that are required to provide a strong working partnership.

Our accreditations

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GLAA Licensed

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Training and induction

As an assurance to our clients that operatives will have the necessary skills and qualities to meet the demands of their individual working environments, we encourage that all our staff are trained and inducted at their assigned place of work. Prior to starting work within your business, all assigned staff will undergo an agreed workplace induction and training for the role to which they will be working.

This effective and efficient method ensures that staff are able to meet the demands of the environment to which they are assigned, whilst still ensuring that our obligation to fulfill any agreed KPIs are met.

We understand the complexities that come with a changing work environment, and the need for staff to adapt to meet the demands of any situation at hand. This is why we ensure that our staff can be flexible. All staff can be trained in a variety of suitable positions ensuring that the flow of work can always continue.

Health and safety

We understand the importance of health and safety to our staff and your organisation. That is why health and safety is of paramount importance to our business and our daily operations. CSA provides hundreds of people to companies across UK, bringing with it an experienced understanding of health and safety procedures that meet strict guidelines and standards.

As a demonstration of CSA’s dedication to health and safety,  we continuously improve the standards and policies to which we operate. We strive to create a professional workforce which meets the expectations of its clients, whilst also providing a safe working environment for our staff.

As part of our commitment to the safety of our operations, our managers ensure that staff abide by any rules and regulations that exist on your site. Ensuring staff are safe, equipped and comfortable within their working environments is of vital importance to us.

Service enhancements

CSA are an experienced provider of staff to the food industry and fully understand the additional employment legislation and compliance procedures involved. To assist our clients we can include in our service the following:

  • Arrangement with doctor for medical examination and completed medical forms
  • Availability of employment records for auditing and ethical compliance
  • Assistance with staff block testing and grading
  • On going recruitment and workplace orientation program
  • Staff welfare and assistance with housing, transport and HMRC registration

Ancillary services

As a multi-service agency, CSA is also able to offer a number of ancillary services which might be of interest when searching for reliable suppliers. Our service offering has been developed to provide our clients with a complete suite of services.