Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless Camera Systems
Are you looking for an efficient and cost effective site security system? Our wireless camera detection systems deliver motion detection verified by a 10-second video clip for full accountability.

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Always on, always watching

With a 2 year long-life battery system, our wireless detection cameras are well equipped for any environment that you need to protect. The robust outer shell of the camera houses a strong PIR sensor for detecting motion up to 30 metres from the base; verifying any activation with a 10 second video clip for near real time feedback to our monitoring station.

The wireless detection camera system can be strategically placed in vulnerable areas to protect your property or site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With flexible deployment schedules and no physical wiring required, our wireless solution can be deployed within a day – allowing for full site coverage at a moments notice.

We deliver wireless camera detection solutions to

Construction Sites

 Local Councils

Rail Projects

Wind Farms

 Vacant Properties

Housing Associations

Water Boards

Civil Projects

Scaffolding Installations

Local Authorities

Utility Projects

Pipeline Projects

How our detection system works

The wireless camera detection system can be armed remotely using an RF remote or set up on a timed schedule. Once armed, the system will notify the monitoring status of its armed status. If triggered the camera system offers a 10-second video clip to the monitoring station, key holders and first responder via a wireless 3G connection. From here appropriate procedures may be followed to escalate the incident as required.

Key features of the system

3G Connectivity

 Indoor / Outdoor Sirens

Up To 24 Devices

PIR Detection

 Video Alerts

Auto System Check

Radio Jam Detection

Battery Operated

How do we provide our price?

Upon receiving the initial enquiry we will work with you to organise a site visit to survey your site. This provides the opportunity for you to meet our account manager and explain face-to-face what you would like to achieve.

At this point in the process we will often request site drawings, if available, to aid the pricing process. From the information collected our experienced team will then provide a valid estimate within several days from the point of initial survey. If you need a return sooner just let us know and we will work with you to meet your schedule.

Ancillary services

As a multi-service agency, CSA is also able to offer a number of ancillary services which might be of interest when searching for reliable suppliers. Our service offering has been developed to provide our clients with a complete suite of services.