Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

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The group has provided Specialist Hygiene Cleaning for a number of years. We’ve secured long-standing relationships with many of our clients. Ensuring they have peace of mind, to focus on what matters most to their business.

We offer Kitchen Extract Cleaning to businesses all over the UK. With our dedicated operations team, we provide a tailored service that fits your business’s needs.

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Why use our services?

We understand the importance of cleaning a grease extraction system to the appropriate standards. Our operatives are trained in-line with TR/19 recommended guidelines, ensuring that your clean will be compliant with the latest Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) guidance.

We regularly provide commercial cleaning services to




Fast Food Chains

Leisure Parks


Why clean your kitchen extraction system?

Approximately 25% of accidental fires within commercial premises in the UK are caused by some form of cooking appliance. Fires are a known hazard within a commercial kitchen environment, however the risk of damage caused may be heightened drastically as the result of a poorly maintained grease extraction system and ductwork.

If grease deposits within the system are allowed to rise to unsafe levels then the extraction system becomes a significant fire risk to your commercial premises. If the grease deposits are ignited by an open flame then the fire will spread rapidly throughout the system, and to other parts of the building.

It is now commonplace for many insurance companies to request a planned maintenance schedule for your grease extract system as a condition of their cover. Failure to meet this condition could result in your insurer refusing to pay out following a fire within your premises. Insurers will also require evidence of a regular cleaning schedule – often in-line with the TR/19 guidelines published by BESA.

Benefits to your business

We carry out our service at times convenient to you helping to achieve minimal disruption to your business. Where access is limited we are able to install access panels to ensure that thorough ventilation cleaning is completed. We will provide your business with a full service report and a certificate to recognise that the appropriate steps have been taken to help minimise the fire risks associated with extract ventilation systems.

Ancillary services

As a multi-service agency, CSA is also able to offer a number of ancillary services which might be of interest when searching for reliable suppliers. Our service offering has been developed to provide our clients with a complete suite of services.