CCTV Towers Newport

CCTV Towers Newport
CSA Service Group is an established & accredited provider of security solutions. Since 1995 we’ve partnered with a variety of businesses all over Wales & South West England. We can provide rapid CCTV solutions for businesses in Newport. 

Experience that delivers

The group has provided Rapid CCTV & additional security solutions for over 20 years. We’ve secured long-standing relationships with many of our clients. Ensuring they have peace of mind, to focus on what matters most to their business.

We offer security services to businesses all over Newport. With our dedicated operations team, we provide a tailored service that fits your business’s needs.

Secure, powered and safe

Combining six metres of military grade metalwork with the latest integrated camera technology, our rapid deployment mobile CCTV tower is a fully responsive guarding solution that acts as a reliable on-site deterrent as well as an active site-monitoring tool.

The system comprises a vandal-resistant pan-tilt-zoom camera head that is supplemented by a bank of infrared sensors, motion detectors and a set of in-built loudspeakers. All footage recorded by our system is logged on a digital video recorder and is available for live-streaming or archive playback via our remote mobile and web applications.

The CCTV tower may operate as an independent unit, or multiple units may be connected to create a secure network for the surveillance of your site. This, coupled with static camera units that can be added to our system provide a complete coverage of your premises.

We can provide mobile CCTV solutions to

Construction Sites

Highways Agencies

Rail Projects

Utilities Sites

Pipeline Projects

Water Boards

The benefits of our system

Our mobile CCTV solution is suited to temporary, permanent and semi-permanent installations; offering 24/7 site security coverage under any site condition. The system can detect multiple intrusions simultaneously, reporting each detection back to our secure monitoring centre for accurate and timely reporting to the dedicated site contact or key holder.

Anti-vandal Design

With two wheels, a towing eye and 4 jacks sitting on each corner of the base unit — transporting the surveillance tower is simple. However, when on-site the wheels are removed and base unit is lowered ensuring the highest level of security.

Ruggedised PTZ Camera

A ruggedised HD PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) dome camera provides the eyes for our redployable surveillance systems and give a full 360 degree coverage. Offering exceptional low light performance, full HD resolution quality and high dyanamic range.

Intrusion Detection

PIR (passive infra-red) sensors sit at the top end of the 6m reinforced surveillance tower, providing accurate and immediate intrusion detection in an on-site environment – with a coverage range of upto 150m.

Audio Feedback

The surveillance tower also combines traditional video recordings with audio feedback capabilities using an externally fitted 15W horn speaker. This allows an operator to quickly and effectively provide audio warnings to unauthorized individuals on site.

Backup Power

Our system is designed to be flexible. With a built-in backup battery UPS your surveillance will remain on in the event of a power outage. The UPS is able to provide 72+ hours of continuous coverage based on your requirements.

Remote Access

With 3G/4G connectivity, the CCTV tower has the ability to communicate remotely to a secure monitoring centre. In addition to remote monitoring, access can also be provided directly to site managers via a dedicated application.

Monitoring and remote management

Our mobile surveillance tower offers a fully monitored CCTV solution, providing intrusion detection and key holder alerts. Our systems are remotely monitored via a 3G/4G connection to the base station of the tower.

The monitored alarm systems offer you reassurance that your site is being watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should anything go wrong, such as an on-site break-in, the surveillance tower will notify an operator who will then respond to the situation at hand.

The operator will begin to handle an intrusion by first verbally warning the unauthorised individual using the built-in speakers. Should the individual remain on site, the appropriate key holder will be notified. If the on-site situation escalates, the police will also be notified of the intrusion.

  • 24/7 operator response, 365 days a year
  • Key holder alerts
  • Police call out
  • Verbal audio warnings
  • HD video recordings
  • Full reporting and audit trial

Rapid Deployment Towers in Newport

To hire a CCTV Tower or any additional security services, contact our specialist operations team today.

Ancillary services

As a multi-service agency, CSA is also able to offer a number of ancillary services which might be of interest when searching for reliable suppliers. Our service offering has been developed to provide our clients with a complete suite of services.